Dr. Mathis P. Hain

(contact me)

2008-2013 Graduate Student in Daniel Sigman's group

now at: National Oceanography Center Southampton, University of Southampton, Waterfront Campus, European Way, SO14 3ZH, Southampton, United Kingdom

Please visit my new website www.mathis-hain.net

…there you find pdf's for download, my CV, and other research info.

For quick access:

The Biological Pump in the Past, Treatise on Geochemistry: Concepts, tools and observations relating to the role of the biological pump in driving the ice age CO2 cycles

The Biological Productivity of the Ocean, Nature Education: Introduction to the definitions, contributors, limitations and global importance of marine productivity

Distinct roles of the Southern Ocean and the North Atlantic in the Deglacial, Earth and Planetary Science Letters: Radiocarbon evidence for the changes in ocean circulation and carbon cycle during the end of the last ice age

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