Sesame cluster

sesame_cluster.jpg Sesame is a 3584-processor beowulf cluster that can support applications requiring up to 3GB of memory per processor.

Production runs

to setup special events, mark your event in this calendar:

pwd: sesame4you

Group schedule

default time slots for production runs:

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
user3.jpg user2.jpg user3.jpg user4.jpg user4.jpg user2.jpg user1.jpg
Daniel Hejun Daniel Ebru Ebru Hejun Yang



risk interruptible default queue 3584 cores risk jobs can get killed by higher priority jobs. it should be used for non-critical jobs and testing
test non-interruptible test queue 3584 cores jobs can't get killed but have a run-time limit of 15 min. it should be used for testing and debugging purposes.
tromp non-interruptible priority queue 2118 / 1734 soft limit jobs have higher priority and can't get killed. it should be used for production runs

special: Quake for movie runs only (384 cores)


Job priorities are calculated on:

  • Group (tromp vs. the rest of the world)
  • User usage of the last 15/5 days
  • User wait time
  • number of cores job requests

To show priorities of your idle jobs:

diagnose -p


showq -i

To see total cores used in tromp queue:

make an alias

alias showq-totaltromp='showq -r | grep TR | awk "BEGIN{sum=0}{sum+=\$10}END{print \"tromp cores used:\",sum,\"of (2118 / 1734)\"}" '



To see total usage of cluster:

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