Xingchen(Tony) Wang (

Graduate Student in Daniel Sigman's group

Department of Geosciences, Guyot Hall, Princeton University, Princeton N.J. 08544 U.S.A.

Research Interests

Currently, I focus on interpreting the d15N of organic matter within biogenic minerals (surface coral, deep-sea coral, shark teeth, etc.) as a paleoclimate proxy or a biogeochemical indicator.

Curriculum Vitae

Date of Birth:

September, 1988


May 2012-present: Ph.D Candidate in Geosciences, Princeton University

May 2012: M.A., Geosciences, Princeton University

Jun. 2010: B.S., Geochemistry, with Distinction, Department of Geosciences, Nanjing University(P.R.China)

Thesis Title: “13C and 14C constraints on the organic carbon cycle of the Yangtze River, China.” (Advised by: Prof. Junfeng Ji)

Professional Experience

Field experience

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